Design Politics.

UPDATE - This event has been cancelled

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Design is the act of making change through putting products and services into the world. There are always politics in design — within project teams, studios, client stakeholders, impact on the environment, culture and society.

In an age of perpetual design sprints, Design Politics is a chance to spend much-needed time thinking about and discussing the complexities of design.

The conference mixes together people from design and other disciplines to broaden the conversation, explore diverse views and create opportunities to apply a mix of thinking and doing with world-class practitioners leading and facilitating.

Attendees will return to their daily roles fully-charged and ready to apply new learnings with new perspectives to their organisations.

Our Conference includes

How it works

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Speakers & Workshops

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Who should attend?

Anyone is welcome to attend, but the content of the conference will be of particular interest to:

- Service Designers
- Product Designers
- UX Designers
- Content Designers & Strategists
- Business Designers
- Ethnographers and Anthropologists
- Design Researchers
- Product Managers
- Business Managers
- Business Analysts
- Corporates, agencies and public service organisations.

"I'm really excited about delivering my keynote and also my workshop for everyone!"

Lou Downe - Author of 'Good Services'