Digital Swag

Thank you so much for purchasing a ticket to Design Politics. As a sign of our appreciation, we have partnered with some of our favourite businesses to give you some special offers and deals.


MURAL are our Platinum partners for the Design Politics events, and we would love you to show them some support, by telling them how much we love them for this!

This is Doing

This is Doing is a Platinum partner for the Design Politics event. Learning new skills doesn’t have to mean taking time off work. We provide remote, flexible training options to help you grow your design and innovation capabilities.

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Smaply is a web application for teams to digitize, centralize and standardize their customer experience insights. It makes it easy to collaborate on journey maps, personas and stakeholder maps, collect feedback from others, and create professional exports.

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Rosenfeld Media

Rosenfeld Media are one of our favourite publishers of design books. Receive a whopping 20% off their wonderful design books between now and July 17th 2020.

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Experience Fellow

ExperienceFellow enables to research customer experience in real-time and across channels. The solution combines a mobile app for customers to report with web-based software for the company to analyze experiences.

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BIS Publications

BIS Publications have published many of our favourite Design and Innovation books over the years, and have published two of our keynote speakers books, Lou Downe's 'Good Services' and Marc Stickdorn's 'This is Service Design Thinking'.

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This is HCD Store

This is HCD Store sells tshirts and merchandise to help cover the costs for the 12 podcasts that we produce throughout the year.

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