Gerry McGovern 'Top Tasks and the pandemic'

CEO / Customer Carewords


It has never been more important to get back to the basics, to get absolute clarity on what truly matters, and what is getting in the way. A pandemic is no time for panic and chaos, and yet that is how many governments and organizations initially reacted to COVID-19. Poor planning, panic publishing, things can quickly become a confusing mess.

Using the Top Tasks design framework, Gerry is working with WHO and other governments to establish what really matters when it comes to COVID-19. To design an information architecture that helps both the public and professionals quickly and easily find what is most important to them. The approach is highly collaborative, with thousands of people involved from over 100 countries. It is an evidence-based, testing-driven approach. Hear how clear and comprehensive information architecture and design approach emerges that is focused on what truly matters.

About Gerry

Gerry McGovern has spent 25 years working in digital design for organizations such as Cisco, WHO, Toyota, IBM, Microsoft, European Union, and hundreds of others. He has published eight books, his latest being World Wide Waste, about how digital is killing the planet and what to do about it.

Key takeaways

  • Applying the Top Tasks framework to wicked problems.
  • Collaboration at the government and NGO level
  • IA and design helping to focus on what truly matters

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