Lou Downe 'How to design services that work'

What exactly makes a service ‘good’?

Ask most people this question and you will very often get the response of ‘it depends’.

But the belief that all services are completely unique, and need to be designed from scratch each time means we spend a lot of our time solving problems that have already been solved.

From hotel booking to healthcare, there are basic elements that almost all of us need from nearly every service we use, regardless of what it helps us to do.

Things like being able to find that service and use it unaided, regardless of your knowledge or abilities. Or being able to do the thing you set out to do, without having to navigate the bureaucracies created by multiple organisations, or the strange effects of bad staff incentivisation. Using the 15 principles of good service design, this workshop will teach you how to quickly identify major problems and pitfalls in your service and find ways to fix those issues.

This workshop will teach you how to design a service that your users can find, understand and use without having to ask for help.

It will teach you how to not disappoint your users, and make sure they can do the thing they set out to do.

In short, it will help you to make services that work

Key takeaways

  • What makes a good service
  • How to diagnose problems with your service
  • How to devise solutions to key problems in your service
  • How to embed service-led thinking in your organisation

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