Marc Stickdorn 'How to build a repository of linked journey maps to kick-start Journey Map Ops as a management approach'

In this workshop, Marc introduces Journey Map Ops, a system of digital journey maps and respective coordinators who are in charge of tracking pain points, KPIs, and projects impacting CX/EX. This can help you identify overlaps and contradictions between running and planned projects. You'll receive hands-on tips on how to set this up in your organization or in your client's organization based on a repository of linked journey maps.

Journey Map Ops builds on a hierarchy of linked digital journey maps and a governing system of journey map coordinators who are in charge of tracking projects impacting CX/EX. In this packed two-hour workshop, you'll experience a combination of presentation, hands-on work in small groups, as well as discussions in small groups and plenary. You'll walk away with a concept on how to use journey maps as a customer-centric management tool for agile organizations that will help you to scale service design and customer-centricity in your organization. You'll learn how to set up Journey Map Ops step-by-step and receive access to an example organisation in the journey mapping software Smaply that you can use as a template for your own repository.

Key takeaways

  • Some key factors you’ll need to bring service design into an organization
  • A roadmap to iteratively increase service design maturity in your organization
  • How to use service design to bridge silos of an organization
  • How to create living boundary objects that translate between different teams and silos
  • How to connect service design with operations and software development
  • How to use sprints/cycles to connect service design with agile management
  • How to measure the impact of service design and calculate it’s ROI for your organization
  • How to create a sustainable and measurable impact on users/customers/employees/citizens instead of only impacting KPIs (aka the “NPS-trap”)
  • How to plan and set-up co-creative workshops with users/customers/employees/citizens
  • How to evaluate the quality and reliability of service design tools, like journey maps: 6 aspects to consider
  • Some service design facilitation tips & tricks

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